Taylor Kinney's Girlfriend Ashley Cruger Defends Their Relationship Against Critics


Taylor Kinney, the famous actor from Chicago Fire, is currently dating Ashley Cruger. However, Cruger has recently faced criticism regarding her relationship with Kinney. In response, she has hit back at the criticism, defending their bond.

Being a public figure, Kinney's romantic life often becomes a topic of public scrutiny. Cruger, who maintains a relatively low profile, has found herself on the receiving end of negative comments from individuals who disapprove of her relationship with Kinney.

However, Cruger has chosen to stand up for herself and their relationship. She firmly believes that public opinion should not dictate the choices two people make in their personal lives. Cruger asserts that her relationship with Kinney is based on love and mutual respect, and not on what others might think is "appropriate" or "acceptable."


Cruger's response to the criticism reflects her confidence and determination to defend her love for Kinney. She believes that her relationship should not be judged by society's standards, as love knows no boundaries.

In her statement, Cruger emphasizes that love is a personal matter, and no one has the right to impose their opinions on others. She argues that individuals should be free to choose their partners based on their own feelings and desires, without interference from outsiders.

Cruger recognizes that being in the public eye comes with its own set of challenges, but she remains unfazed by the negative comments. She is focused on the happiness she shares with Kinney and is unwilling to let external opinions affect their relationship.


This incident sheds light on the scrutiny and judgment that celebrities and their partners often face. While it is understandable that individuals may have opinions, it is crucial to respect the personal choices and relationships of others, particularly when it comes to matters of the heart.

Cruger's response serves as a reminder that no relationship should be subject to the harsh judgment of others. Love is a personal, intimate experience that should only be influenced by the feelings and desires of the individuals involved.

In conclusion, Ashley Cruger has hit back at criticism over her relationship with Taylor Kinney. She firmly believes that their love should not be judged by society's standards and is determined to defend their bond. Cruger's response serves as a reminder that personal relationships are sacred and should not be influenced by the opinions of others.


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