Noah Cyrus Likes Thirst Trap Pic of Miley Cyrus' Ex, Liam Hemsworth

Noah Cyrus, younger sister of Miley Cyrus, recently found herself in a bit of a social media dilemma when she liked a thirst trap photo posted by her sister's ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth. Hemsworth shared a photo showcasing his muscular physique, complete with veins bulging on his biceps, which caught Noah's attention.

This gesture raised eyebrows considering the complicated relationship dynamics at play. Miley and Liam were together for years before tying the knot in 2018, only for their marriage to end in a high-profile split less than two years later.

Adding to the tangled web of connections, it's worth noting that Noah's mother, Tish Cyrus, is now married to Dominic Purcell, a man whom Noah also dated in the past.

Liam initially posted the photo as a thank you to fans of his latest project, "Land of Bad," but inadvertently sparked gossip with Noah's unexpected social media interaction. The situation is indeed messy, to say the least.

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