Jailbreak Homage: Unattainable

The article discusses how the hit TV show "Prison Break" has paid tribute to its late star, the Impossible actor Paul Ratz. Ratz played the character of "Michael Scofield" on the show and passed away unexpectedly. The article elaborates on how the show has acknowledged his death and honored his contribution to the series. It highlights the impact Ratz had on both the show and its fanbase and how his absence has been deeply felt. The tribute serves as a way to remember and celebrate Ratz's legacy and the lasting impact he had on the show. The article reflects on the impossibility of replacing Ratz and the unique presence he brought to the character. It also explores how the tribute serves as a way to pay homage to Ratz and his unforgettable portrayal of Scofield. Overall, the article emphasizes the significance of Ratz's contributions to "Prison Break" and how his memory continues to be honored within the show.

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