The Rock, Roman Reigns Beat Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins At WrestleMania

The Rock made a triumphant return to the WWE ring at WrestleMania 40, dispelling any notions of ring rust in a tag-team match that ended with a decisive victory. Teaming up with Roman Reigns, they faced off against Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins in a high-energy showdown that kept fans on the edge of their seats.

Throughout the match, there were moments of intense action both inside and outside the ring, with The Rock delivering his signature People's Elbow to secure the win. Despite the physicality of the match, The Rock also showed a softer side by acknowledging Cody's mother during the bout.

With The Rock's victory, Cody Rhodes' path to the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship takes on even greater significance under Bloodline rules. Fans can expect more thrilling moments on night two of WrestleMania, as Cody and Roman prepare to battle for the ultimate prize.

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