John Salley reveals why women didn’t approach Michael Jordan on the road: "You’re not letting any of that riffraff near the Messiah"

There’s a lot that goes behind the scenes when NBA players are on the road. It’s no secret that they partake in going to clubs to have a good time, as well as pick up women while they’re at it. 

Many NBA players have done it, but have you ever wondered what it was like for Michael Jordan? According to his former Chicago Bulls teammate Jordan stayed away from women because no one was allowed to approach him.

 Salley said in his appearance on the 

What MJ used to do on the road

Salley, who  during the years they spent together with the Bulls, also revealed how Jordan spent his time on road trips. 

John admitted that he often invited MJ to go out to nightclubs with him, but the 6-time champion regularly refused to go as he preferred keeping it lowkey. All Jordan wanted to do was stay in a quiet place, preferably a back room, and smoke his cigars.


It’s not a surprise to hear Salley talk about Jordan this way. Jordan himself has said that , he preferred to stay in quiet places and avoid the paparazzi. At one point in his career, the paparazzi and even the media drained him so much, which was why he used to lock himself up in his hotel room and just find peace by smoking his cigars.

Salley talks about his experience

Salley also talked about his own experience on the road and mentioned that going to clubs in Miami was the best just because nobody cared who he was. Apparently, the focus was on how much income he made and how much he was willing to spend for that one night.

 former NBA player said.

Ultimately though, it seems  didn’t often join Salley in his late-night adventures and that only confirms what we already know about the greatest player of all time. Jordan was untouchable (literally) and wanted to be left alone to smoke his cigars. 

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