Morgan Wallen Fans Boo at Taylor Swift After Attendance Record Joke

Country singer Morgan Wallen received a mixed reaction from fans at his recent concert in Indianapolis after he made a joke about Taylor Swift. Wallen, who claimed to have set an attendance record at Lucas Oil Stadium, jokingly said he would hold onto the record until Swift came to the stadium in the fall. This comment was met with boos from the audience, expressing their displeasure with Swift. Despite Wallen's attempt to calm the crowd, he eventually thanked them for their support. The incident highlighted the differing fan bases between Wallen and Swift, despite Wallen having taken a cue from Swift earlier this year by re-recording songs to regain control of his music. It appears that Wallen's attempt to follow in Swift's footsteps did not resonate with his fans, indicating a divide between the two artists' audiences.

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