'We're best friends with a baby': Rihanna says motherhood is 'everything' as she shares cover of Vogue with A$AP Rocky & their son!

Rihanna recently opened up about motherhood, her relationship with A$AP Rocky, and their growing family for British Vogue. Just days after announcing her second pregnancy during the Super Bowl halftime show, the 35-year-old pop icon posed with Rocky and their nine-month-old son for an intimate cover story.

Rihanna shocked fans by debuting her baby bump during her Super Bowl performance, viewed by around 200 million globally. She gave birth to her first child with Rocky on May 13, 2022, though they have kept details of their son private. A representative confirmed Rihanna's second pregnancy following her appearance.

Family: Rihanna gushed over motherhood and her relationship with A$AP Rocky as she posed up a storm for a sensational magazine cover shoot

Family: Days after revealing her second pregnancy, Rihanna posed up a storm with her rapper beau, 35, and their nine-month-old son they featured on the cover of Vogue's March issue

For Vogue's March issue, Rihanna put her leggy figure on display in a daring black gown while posing with Rocky and their infant son.

In one shot, Rocky placed his hands on Rihanna's stomach. Another captured Rihanna cuddling her baby boy in an off-the-shoulder dress and gloves. The cover featured Rocky kissing their giggling son's head as Rihanna held hands with her beau.

In the interview, Rihanna gushed that Rocky is her "best friend" and described motherhood as "everything." She admitted struggling to remember life pre-baby, calling her first months as a mother a "rollercoaster" and childbirth a "head-f**k." Though daunting, parenting with Rocky has brought them closer. Rihanna said raising their son is one of her "scariest" responsibilities, worrying about the world he'll inherit.


However, their baby also needs his father's validation and the two share an close bond.

Rihanna hopes to have more children, though is taking things day by day. She previously turned down Super Bowl performances but felt empowered representing this year, believing progress still needs to be made regarding racial justice and equality. The show marked Rihanna's first live TV appearance since 2018, proving her focus has shifted to family over career of late.

Doting: For the photoshoot, Rihanna looked every inch the doting mother as she cuddled up to her adorable infant son, whose name she has not confirmed


Congratulations! The singer, 35, revealed her surprise second pregnancy as she showed off her growing baby bump during her much-anticipated Super Bowl halftime show

At 35, Rihanna is embracing parenthood on her own terms. Despite her fame and success, she is determined to be hands-on in raising her children with Rocky. Their son remains largely out of the spotlight, with Rihanna and Rocky guarding their privacy.


Though interest mounts in her numerous ventures, Rihanna's devotion as a mother and life partner rank above all else.

Rihanna's pregnancy announcement and Vogue interview offer a glimpse into her personal bliss. After years building her empire, she is reveling in life's simple moments with her growing family. For Rihanna, the rewards of motherhood and loving Rocky outweigh any challenge. Her navy of fans continues to stand by in support of her focus on what matters most behind closed doors.

Exciting: Rihanna, who gave birth to her first child nine months ago, sent social media into a frenzy as she took to the stage and rubbed her tummy in front of a global audience of millions 


Return: The Super Bowl marked the first time Rihanna performed on live television since 2018, where she joined DJ Khaled on stage to sing Wild Thoughts at the Grammy Awards 

While Rihanna's next album or fashion line remains unknown, she appears in no rush to return focus back to her career. For now, she is embracing the joys and trials of parenting at her own pace, on her own terms, tucked away from the spotlight with Rocky faithfully by her side. Though their son is still young, Rihanna and Rocky are raising him to make a difference in a world still plagued by injustice - a mission they do not take lightly in the slightest.


Rihanna is determined to appreciate each moment with her son, watching him grow into a thoughtful and caring young man. If her own success and fame can be leveraged to make even the smallest impact, Rihanna considers it a duty as both an artist and now mother. But when away from the public eye, she is simply content enjoying her new chapter of life with her baby boy and soul mate Rocky at her side. Family is Rihanna's driving motivation, the very heart and soul of her thriving. Motherhood has awakened her in ways she never dreamed imaginable. Rihanna's greatest adventure is just beginning.

The summary covers key details from Rihanna's interview, including announcing her pregnancy, posing with her family for Vogue, embracing motherhood and life with A$AP Rocky, wanting more children, turning down past Super Bowl offers, and leveraging her fame to make a difference.


It touches on keeping their son's life private, struggling with the challenges of parenting, finding purpose and motivation as a mother and role model, building the kind of world she hopes he inherits, and finding deepest fulfillment with her growing family. The conclusion reinforces this new chapter of life awakening her in unimaginable ways. Please let me know if you would like me to clarify or expand on any part of this summary.

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