"Do You Want Michael Jordan's Tongue Out At You?": Reggie Miller Talked Up His Airness' Greatness With a Tale of Their Relationship


Michael Jordan may be the greatest to ever lace ‘em up. However, the man has also always been a bit of an enigma, whether it be to opponents or even teammates. And as such, the man has often made friendships in the weirdest places. And even there, these bonds could probably be defined as hesitant at best.

Why? Well, here is the problem. Off the court, MJ could’ve been arguably the nicest and funniest man on the face of the planet. However, while he was on it, he had no problem ruthlessly humiliating grown men with families and a home waiting for them to return.


For many, this was a lesson they had to wait a long time to learn. But, Reggie Miller? The man had the misfortune of learning it very early on in his NBA career. In fact, he learned the lesson so well, that even during his induction into the Hall of Fame, he couldn’t help but talk about it.

Reggie Miller shared the hilarious reason behind why he never talked extensively to Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan never took mercy on any opponent during their hay day. In fact, he left almost every opponent with the most vivid nightmares, featuring himself.

With that in mind, the man’s signature wagging tongue likely isn’t the most comforting image for most of his former opponents. And sure enough, Reggie Miller claimed it to be the driving factor behind his choosing not to talk to Michael Jordan more often.


Here is what he said.

“A lot of people say ‘why didn’t you ever talk to Michael Jordan?’. I was like ‘do you want that tongue coming out at you?’. That’s when I knew, I better step up my game, and let my game do the talking, which, to me, makes this night so incredible…”

The night in question here, was the night of his own induction into the Hall of Fame. This means that, during an event that was meant to celebrate him, he just couldn’t stop talking about Michael Jordan. That’s the kind of effect the GOAT had on people.


Why Reggie Miller calls Michael Jordan ‘Black Jesus’

Reggie Miller has never been the type to hold back on his trash talk… as long as it isn’t Michael Jordan on the other side. No, when His Airness plays against him, the man can do nothing more than refer to him as Black Jesus.

But why? Well, take a look at the YouTube clip below.

A lesson that every veteran in the NBA knew, but he had to learn the hard way. You never talk trash to Michael Jeffery Jordan.


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