Unveiling the Unnoticed: 10 Vampire Diaries Plot Holes That Escaped Your Sight

The article discusses the top 10 plot holes in the TV show "The Vampire Diaries" that many viewers may have missed.

1. The inconsistency with the vampire's abilities, as they sometimes forget they can perform certain tasks and then suddenly remember.

2. The unclear rules around compulsion, as it is sometimes portrayed as permanent and other times as reversible.

3. The inconsistency with the vampire's aging process, as sometimes they appear to age and other times they don't.

4. The unclear origins and limitations of magic, as it is sometimes portrayed as powerful and other times weak.

5. The unclear rules surrounding the use of daylight rings, as they sometimes protect vampires from sunlight and other times they don't.

6. The unrealistic healing abilities of the vampires, as they can sometimes heal instantly and other times it takes time.

7. The inconsistency with characters dying and coming back to life, as it is sometimes permanent and other times not.

8. The unclear rules around creating new vampires, as sometimes it requires death and other times it doesn't.

9. The remote access to vampire's minds, as it is sometimes possible and other times not.

10. The unclear hierarchy of supernatural creatures, as their power levels and rules are inconsistent throughout the series.

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