“You’re just like a beast”: Vampire Diaries Heartthrob Ian Somerhalder Reveals ‘Blood Doping’ to Enhance Endurance That Left Co-Star Shocked

Ian Somerhalder needs no introduction. The actor is renowned for his role in Vampire Diaries, and ever since that role, he has made his female fans crazy for him. Apart from his incredible acting skills, the actor was once inclined toward sports. In an interview, the actor recently revealed that as a teenage athlete, he used to "blood dope" to enhance endurance. Somerhalder also reflected on his other deeds as a teenager.

The actor also revealed the age he first drank, surprising his co-star.

Why did Ian Somerhalder opt for "blood doping"?

In an interview with a news portal, Somerhalder confessed that during his teenage years, he was into sports and used to blood dope. He admitted being cognizant of blood doping being illegal in sports. The Lost actor said, 

"It is super illegal in competitive sports but, like, we used to spit out plasma before like a huge race or something and just shoot it all back in. We used to do triathlons, and we used to do like 100-mile road races. And you spit out all your plasma and put it back in right before your race. You have 35% more oxygen usage, so you're just like a beast," he said. "You can't do it anymore, [but] oh my God, in the early '90s, in competitive sports, especially, like, triathlons and road races, yeah everybody did it.


Paul Wesley, who was also present with the actor in the interview, claimed he had no idea such a thing existed.

Blood doping is a technique that increases the number of red blood cells and allows the body to transport more oxygen to muscles, which results in increasing the stamina of a person. Blood doping is usually done before an event to enhance the performance of an athlete. It is considered illegal in sports.

Ian Somerhalder reveals his other deeds from childhood

When most kids struggle to pronounce names clearly, Ian Somerhalder had his first drink.


The actor shared that he was 4 years old when he tasted alcohol for the first time. He said,

"I'm sure it was 4. … It was the early '80s, like '81. Those are the first memories I have of muddled mint, sugar cane, and that smell of bourbon."

The Vampire Diaries actor remembered that while drinking he used to get caught by the adults, for which he often got scolded to "put that down!" Two years ago, the actor launched a bourbon brand called Brother's Bond along with his friend Paul Wesley. Paul Wesley was Somerhalder's former co-star from Vampire Diaries, where he played the character of his brother.


The actor said, 

"bourbon is literally part of culture down there, and it's really special because it's bonding. It's what so many families do, and it's just special."

The heartthrob Ian Somerhalder is married to Nikki Reed. The couple got married in 2015 and share a daughter. The duo is expecting their second child.

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