DJ Claims She Was Removed from Delta Plane Like 'Criminal' for Not Wearing a Bra

Australian DJ Lisa Archbold has accused Delta Airlines of humiliating her by removing her from a flight due to her outfit. Archbold claimed that a gate agent at Salt Lake City airport took issue with her attire, specifically a white t-shirt without a bra, and forced her off the plane before takeoff. Despite complying with the agent's request to cover up with a jacket, Archbold felt targeted and embarrassed by the incident. Attorney Gloria Allred has since sent a letter to Delta's president on behalf of Archbold, demanding accountability for what they describe as discriminatory conduct. While Delta apologized for the incident, they did not acknowledge any discriminatory intent.

Archbold and Allred are hoping for policy changes and clarification from the airline regarding their dress code regulations. Delta Airlines' policy states that passengers may be refused transport if their attire poses a risk of offense or annoyance to others, but the specifics of how a t-shirt without a bra meets this criteria remain unclear.

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