Harry Potter: 10 Ravenclaws That Deserve More Attention in the Remake, Ranked

The Harry Potter film series, based on J.K. Rowling's beloved books, mesmerized audiences worldwide with its magical world and a diverse array of characters. However, as with any adaptation, certain characters from the books were not given as much attention on screen, particularly those outside of Gryffindor House.

In the upcoming Harry Potter TV remake by HBO, there's a chance to delve deeper into the lives of these lesser-known characters, enriching the overall story and providing a more comprehensive view of the Wizarding World. Let's explore some of the characters who deserve more spotlight in the series.

Let's start with Penelope Clearwater, Percy Weasley's secret girlfriend and Ravenclaw prefect. In the books, Penelope played a significant role in the Chamber of Secrets, where she was petrified alongside Hermione. Her secretive relationship with Percy could add an intriguing subplot to the TV remake, making him a red herring in the mystery surrounding the chamber's opening.

Another character ripe for exploration is Michael Corner, a member of Dumbledore's Army and Ginny Weasley's first boyfriend. While the films portrayed him as a background character, his relationship with Ginny highlights her development and complexity as a character.

Showcasing their relationship could offer a new perspective on Ginny's journey before eventually ending up with Harry.

Padma Patil, a Ravenclaw student, was wrongly portrayed as a Gryffindor in the films. Her unique personality and differences from her sister Parvati were overlooked, robbing her character of individuality. Keeping Padma in Ravenclaw and highlighting her feelings towards Ron during the Yule Ball and in Dumbledore's Army would provide a more nuanced portrayal of her character.

Cho Chang, Harry's love interest, also deserves a more in-depth exploration. In the books, Cho was more than just a disposable love interest, known for her Quidditch skills and popularity at Hogwarts.


Giving her a deeper backstory and possibly a new name to avoid stereotypes would add layers to her character and make her more relatable to audiences.

Garrick Ollivander, the wand-maker, and Gilderoy Lockhart, the fame-seeking wizard, are two characters that could also benefit from more screen time. Ollivander's Ravenclaw background and the mystery of wand lore could be intriguing plot points, while Lockhart's reappearance with memory issues in Order of the Phoenix could surprise viewers.

Finally, Luna Lovegood, a prominent character in the series, could be further developed in the TV remake. Her loyalty to Harry and her role in leading the rebellion at Hogwarts during Deathly Hallows showcase her bravery and strength, traits that could be highlighted in the new adaptation.


As HBO prepares to reimagine the Harry Potter series for television, there's a wealth of untapped potential in these lesser-known characters. By giving them the attention they deserve, the TV remake has the opportunity to enhance the magical world of Harry Potter and provide fans with a fresh perspective on their favorite characters.

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