Jennifer Garner's Exclusive Account: Thanksgiving with Ben Affleck's Mom and Kids

The article discusses Jennifer Garner's plans to spend Thanksgiving with Ben Affleck's mother and their children. According to the exclusive information provided, Garner and Affleck are maintaining a close relationship for the sake of their kids.

Jennifer Garner, the 48-year-old actress, has decided to celebrate Thanksgiving with her ex-husband Ben Affleck's mother, Christine Anne Boldt, and their children - Violet (14), Seraphina (11), and Samuel (8). This decision showcases the strong bond and commitment Garner and Affleck have towards co-parenting their children, even after their divorce.

Although their marriage ended in 2018, Garner and Affleck have made it a priority to maintain a friendly and harmonious relationship for the sake of their children.

The couple, who tied the knot in 2005, finalized their divorce in 2018 and continue to effectively co-parent their kids.

While attending an exclusive virtual event hosted by "Celebrity Autobiography," Garner opened up about her plans for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. She expressed her intention to spend the day with her ex-husband's mother and all of her children, ensuring a full-family celebration.

Garner's dedication to amicable co-parenting is evident in her commitment to including Affleck's mother in their Thanksgiving plans. This decision is a clear demonstration of her affection and respect for her former mother-in-law, emphasizing their close relationship.

Garner and Affleck's co-parenting strategy has been well-documented over the years. Despite their high-profile careers, the ex-couple has consistently prioritized their children's well-being. They have frequently been seen attending their kids' events together, displaying a united front to support and protect their children from any unnecessary attention or stress.

The couple's commitment to co-parenting is widely appreciated by their fans and serves as an example for other separated couples facing similar circumstances. By making their children a priority and maintaining a healthy relationship, Garner and Affleck show that it is possible to put differences aside and focus on what truly matters - the future and happiness of their kids.


In conclusion, Jennifer Garner's decision to spend Thanksgiving with Ben Affleck's mother and their children is an example of their commitment to co-parenting. Despite their divorce, Garner and Affleck have managed to maintain a close and amicable relationship for the well-being of their children. Their decision to include Affleck's mother in their Thanksgiving plans highlights their affection and respect for each other even after their separation.

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