Action-Packed Drama Unfolds in Port Charles: Sonny's Suspicions Rise and Jordan Receives Disturbing News

Get ready for an action-packed week on General Hospital! From February 12 to 16, 2024, things are about to heat up in Port Charles. Let's dive into the exciting recap of last week.

On Monday, Laura persuaded Nikolas to turn himself in to Dante for his own safety. Meanwhile, Alexis confessed to feeling guilty for helping Esme with a job. Sonny opened up to Dante about his fears and suspicions, and Dante offered his assistance in finding out who was after him. Scott consoled Lucy after Martin hurt her feelings, and Anna proposed a plan to John. 

The next day, Brick expressed his doubts about Dex to Sonny and promised to look into it.

Michael assigned Dex a new mission, while Tracy confessed to Martin about getting involved in his relationship with Lucy. 

Wednesday marked a difficult day as Spencer's loved ones said their goodbyes. Heather made an unexpected appearance, surprising Kevin and Liz. Finn realized Gregory's ALS was worsening, while Dante struggled with his conflicted feelings towards Sonny. 

On Thursday, Finn and Chase realized their father needed to live with Finn. Carly received assistance from Brook Lynn with an ad guy who wanted to abandon Crimson.

Nina sought Martin's help to release her former employees from a no-compete clause. Michael reached out to Sonny to discuss what happened with him and Nina. Lastly, Willow expressed her concern for Drew and his unresolved vendetta against Nina.

Friday brought a reunion between Sonny and John, who Sonny knew as Jagger in the past. Sonny learned about recent mob hits and realized John was there to save his life. 

As we look ahead, Sonny's suspicions about Dex grow stronger, and Ava tries to offer advice but ends up receiving a warning from Sonny. Jordan and Dante receive disturbing news, and Anna joins them to devise a plan to protect everyone. Stay tuned for more drama unfolding in Port Charles!

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