New Angle of Ricky Martin at Madonna Show Proves He 100% Had Erection

Ricky Martin caught in a steamy moment at Madonna's recent show in Miami has left fans buzzing. A new video obtained shows the pop star appearing to have an erection on stage while getting up close and personal with Madonna's dancers during the performance of "Vogue". The footage captured a dancer's face coming into contact with Ricky's crotch, leading to some visible reactions from the singer.

Initially, there was confusion over whether Ricky was feeling amorous or if it was a wardrobe malfunction. However, the new video provides a clearer perspective on the situation. The presence of celebrities like Alex Rodriguez and Chris Rock in the audience also added another layer of intrigue to the steamy moment.

Ricky Martin's camp has not yet commented on the incident, leaving fans to speculate on the nature of the unexpected onstage encounter.

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