2x NBA Champion Reveals What’s Past Stephen Curry’s ‘Good Guy’ Image

Stephen Curry is often viewed as a nice guy in the eyes of the public, but his competitive nature should not be underestimated. Former teammate Quinn Cook recently set the record straight on the 'Captain Jack Podcast', revealing that Steph is more fierce and personal than many people realize. Despite his clean image, the four-time NBA champion possesses a killer mentality similar to basketball legends Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Cook emphasized that Curry craves competition and doesn't shy away from proving his dominance on the court. His unmatched shooting skills and work ethic make him a force to be reckoned with, as seen in clips where players like John Wall and Kevin Porter Jr. have felt the wrath of the baby-faced assassin. Curry's reputation may be wholesome, but his talent and determination are undeniable.

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