Watch the 2024 Solar Eclipse Live, But Don't Burn Your Eyes Out

As the 2024 eclipse unfolds, the first images are being received from Mexico, with totality moving closer to the United States. The moon is currently obscuring a portion of the sun, but will soon completely cover it, leading to a rare occurrence of daytime darkness.

The next destination on the eclipse's path is Texas, where crowds of people have gathered to witness the celestial event. However, Texans face challenges such as low clouds and the potential threat of a tornado.

The eclipse will continue its journey across states like Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, where the clearest views are expected.

Weather conditions vary from clear skies to cloudy patches in different locations along the eclipse's trajectory. The total eclipse is estimated to last approximately 4 minutes, with the longest one ever recorded lasting 7 minutes and 28 seconds in 743 BC. So, grab your glasses and a cold beer and get ready for this spectacular moment!

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