J. Cole Apologizes to Kendrick Lamar for 'Lamest and Goofiest' Diss

J. Cole Apologizes to Kendrick Lamar and Removes Diss Track from Streaming Platforms

In a surprising turn of events, J. Cole has announced that he will be removing his controversial "7 Minute Drill" diss track towards Kendrick Lamar from streaming services. The rapper expressed his regret at ever recording the track and admitted that it did not sit well with his spirit.

Speaking at his Dreamville Festival, Cole addressed the backlash caused by the diss track, stating that he did not want any further conflict with Lamar. He described his own response as "corny" and urged Kendrick to return his best shot if he felt offended.

Despite the presence of stars like 50 Cent, Nicki Minaj, and SZA at the festival, Cole confessed that his weekend was marred by the negative response to the diss track. He concluded his set by praising Kendrick's talent and career, leaving fans in disbelief at his unexpected apology.

The removal of the diss track comes at a time when the spirit of competition in hip hop is being called into question, making Cole's apology a significant moment in the industry.

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