“Been Hollywood Since Day 1”: Luka Doncic’s 9 Year Old Photo With Cristiano Ronaldo Floors NBA Fans

The interaction between two legendary figures in the world of sports always thrills fans to the maximum. Such an event occurred recently when a 9-year-old photo resurfaced showing Luka Doncic and Cristiano Ronaldo together. This moment excited NBA fans, who shared their thoughts immediately. Back in 2015, during Doncic's debut season with Real Madrid, the Slovenian had a meal with Ronaldo and Marcelo. Doncic then took a group selfie with the soccer icons and posted it on X (formerly Twitter) with the caption "Great lunch". The image gained attention again recently, sparking excitement among fans who marveled at Doncic's charm. Looking back, this snapshot holds more significance than initially thought, justifying the excitement from the NBA community.

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