Brad Pitt's Lawyers Fire Back at Angelina Jolie in Court a Day After Her Abuse Allegations

Brad Pitt's source has called Angelina Jolie's claims of past abuse a "misdirection and distraction" as the former couple continues to battle over their French winery, Château Miraval. Pitt's lawyers have filed a motion demanding that Jolie produce nondisclosure agreements she has made others sign, in response to Jolie's motion seeking to release communications to prove Pitt was being unreasonable about a more restrictive NDA for the winery.

According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Pitt's lawyers argue that Jolie's proposed NDA was no more restrictive than what she asks others to sign regularly.

Jolie's lawyers have suggested that sealed documents related to their custody battle could be made public without the NDA, referencing an incident during a 2016 plane trip. However, the FBI investigated the incident and Pitt was not charged.

Despite Jolie's claims, a source close to Pitt insists that the case is not about the 2016 incident but about an agreement regarding the winery and family home. Jolie's attorney claimed that the NDAs are different, but Pitt's side believes that the non-disparagement clause is a standard business practice. A hearing is scheduled for May 16.

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