Angelina Jolie's Lawyers Claim Brad Pitt's 'Physical Abuse of Jolie' Started Before Their 2016 Plane Incident

Angelina Jolie claims through her lawyers that ex-husband Brad Pitt was abusive towards her before their 2016 plane incident, which led to their divorce. In a new court filing related to their French winery dispute, Jolie's legal team alleges that Pitt would not allow her to sell her share of the winery unless she agreed to an extensive NDA, suggesting he wanted to cover up his alleged abuse. Pitt's camp has not commented on the matter, calling it a distraction tactic.

The legal battle between the former couple also touches on custody issues, with Jolie's side claiming that the winery disagreement could have been avoided if Pitt had bought her share when she offered it.

However, Pitt allegedly rejected the deal unless it included an NDA, which Jolie's team claims was to prevent the disclosure of sealed information related to their custody battle.

While Pitt's legal team has claimed that Jolie herself suggested a non-disparagement clause in their agreement, Jolie's attorney asserts that Pitt's refusal to purchase her share without the NDA raises questions about his alleged abuse. Jolie's camp insists that she is only bringing up these allegations because Pitt's lawsuit against her forces her to defend herself and her actions.

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