This Vampire Diaries ‘Death’ Is Probably the Dumbest on the Show

Sorry Elena, but this was really stupid.

The Vampire Diaries fans know one thing for sure, the death of a favorite character can be painful. Most of the time, a death has a meaning or serves a purpose, but one death from season 5 had many fans scratching their heads.

A Reddit user shared their resentment with Elena’s death. In Season 5, a lot of our beloved characters met their untimely end. The only way for them to return was through Bonnie, who had become the anchor to the other side.

Damon, being the hero he sometimes is, decided to sacrifice himself to set off an explosion that would take out the travelers.

Now, here's where things get a bit... confusing.

Elena, in a move that was meant to be super romantic, decided to join Damon in his car, essentially choosing to die with him. Her reasoning was that she would come back through Bonnie.

Many fans pointed out that this move was, well, kind of dumb. First off, every person who passed through Bonnie to come back to life was causing harm to both Bonnie and Liv. Even Lexi, Stefan's best vampire bud, chose not to return because she didn't want to risk Bonnie's life.

But Elena? She seemed to think it was totally cool to add one more to the list. Some fans argue that maybe Elena didn't know the full consequences of her actions, but others feel that the Elena from earlier seasons would never have made such a decision.

One user mentioned how Elena's actions in season 5 felt out of character, especially when compared to her decisions in earlier seasons. Another pointed out that if Elena hadn't made that impulsive choice, maybe both Damon and Lexi could have returned.

And let's not forget about Jeremy, Elena's younger brother. If she had died, he would've been left without any family.

While The Vampire Diaries gave us many epic moments, this particular death left many fans frustrated. Was it a grand romantic gesture or just a poorly thought-out plot point? Whatever the case, this is one of the most debated moments in TVD history.


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