'RHOD' Star Kameron Westcott Responds to Katy Perry's Real Estate Triumph Against Father-in-law Carl

Former "Real Housewives of Dallas" star Kameron Westcott has responded to Katy Perry's recent real estate win over her father-in-law Carl. Perry successfully won a legal battle against Carl for the purchase of an eight-acre property in Los Angeles that they both had their eyes on. Westcott expressed her disappointment over the outcome, as Carl had been trying to purchase the property for years. Despite the setback, Westcott seems to be taking the news in stride and is focusing on the positive aspects of the situation. She mentions that her family is grateful for what they have and that they will continue to work hard for their own successes. Overall, Westcott remains optimistic and is looking towards the future with determination and a positive attitude.

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