Sarah Jessica Parker Says She Doesn't Deprive Daughters from Junk Food

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker has opened up about her approach to food and parenting in a recent episode of "Ruthie's Table 4" podcast. Parker revealed that she was not allowed to eat junk food growing up, but she is taking a different approach with her 13-year-old daughters. She shared that she does not want her children to view food as the enemy or develop unhealthy eating habits in the future.

Parker admitted that she struggled with food after leaving her parents' house due to the strict restrictions on desserts during her childhood. This experience has influenced her parenting style, as she aims to allow her daughters to make their own food choices and enjoy the eating experience.

Despite their busy schedules, Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick prioritize meal prep in their household. Their favorite go-to meal is soup, which they find easy to make when juggling multiple projects. This insight into Parker's family dynamic provides a glimpse into their approach to health and wellness.

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