BREAKING: Amazon Prime Video Will Exclusively Stream NFL Playoff Game Next Year

For the folks who hate having to pay for a streaming service to watch the NFL playoffs, I’m afraid I have some bad news.

Next year’s NFL playoffs will feature a game streamed exclusive on Amazon Prime Video, according to the .

The year, NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, exclusively steamed the Dolphins-Chiefs AFC Wild Card Game, making it the first time an NFL playoff game had been offered only on a streaming platform. It was a wild success, seeing a record-breaking 23 million viewers, making it the most-streamed event in U.

S. history.

Given that success, you knew that that the NFL would continue the trend of having at least one playoff game exclusively streamed. It might not sit well with fans but if they continue to pay for it, the NFL won’t stop. In fact, it’s more likely than not that this streaming stuff expands into multiple playoff games and even eventually a Super Bowl.

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